Rita No. 1
Built in 1898 by John Hilditch of Carrickfergus
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No.1 - Rita
No.2 - Pauline
No.3 - Leila
No.4 - Zaida
No.5 - Silver Moon
No.6 - Anita
No.7 - Aura
No.8 - Echo
No.9 - Hera
No.10 - Mimosa
No.10 - Silvia
No.11 - Deilginis
No.12 - Rosemary
No.14 - Gladys
No.15 - Bobolink
No.16 - Eileen
No.17 - Oona
No.18 - Erica
No.19 - Isobel
No.20 - Sheila


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1898R N Guinness
1914H R Brown
1921A W Mooney
1925W Sinnott-Glenn
1929A O'Reilly
1936C B McConnell
1937D H Douglas
1939D H & S J Douglas
1941W J Macken
1946Fisher, Gray & Montgomery
1947A M Montgomery
1959N Browne
1960S O'Friel
1965R Wilson
1971J Walsh, M & R D Thornes
1973R D Thornes
1978F O'Leary
1986P & D O'Reilly
1993P O'Reilly
1998John Curley & Marcus Lynch
to present day
Rita was the first seventeen sailed into Howth Harbour in April 1898 a full day before the other four boats that had made the 'race' south from Carrickfergus, where they were built earlier that year. She was given her sail number (1) in 1900 when the fleet grew to eight boats.