Using the Result Selector Menu
1 Press the Events button
to switch between
Club Events
Open Events
  3 Select Class   4 Press the Dates button to switch between the Overall Result and a selection of Race Dates   6 Press
Get Result
2 Select Event         5 Select
Overall Date
one of the Race Dates

Future Events (Events not yet Run)
Most events for the year ahead are listed in the event selector.
If an event which is not yet run is selected, then the Classes and Dates selectors will have no items listed.
Queries on Results Details
Email Results Office :   results@hyc.ie

Phone Results Office :  Dial 8396343, wait for the dial tone, then dial 224.
If the phone is not answered, your call is routed to an answering machine.
Queries on Results Display
Email Webmaster :  jdeane@hyc.ie