Results Provided
Results for all Club Racing and Open Events are provided in this section.

Results for some club racing activity, such as local class 'specials' etc are not handled by results and these are not displayed here. The class captains look after these results.

Boat Results Summary
You can get a results summary for a boat by clicking its (blue) link in the displayed results. This link is the boat name for cruisers and helm name for dinghies.

Unfortunately, I've had to use the boat name for cruisers and helm name for dinghies as the means of pulling the result summary records. So, it only works if the names are entered consistently for each event. See comment below.

True Lapse Time on Winner
Occasionally, the data in the "Lapse" time column in race results is queried. This is the "True Lapse Time on Winner" and is explained under Lapse Time.

This Results Display
This results display has some shortcomings in that it is separate to the programme used for calculating results. The situation is not ideal as the result programme itself is very dated at this stage.

Unfortunately, we will have to live with this until something better comes along. While there are a number of "wee" Windows based results programmes around, these do not offer the results handling power of our old programme - nor do they have the degree of automation required for handling - in volume - results management and integrated web display.