MS 'Word' Documents
Most MS 'Word' documents are identified by (Word) in the link.

After clicking a link to a Word document there will be a pause while your computer starts your Word programme and then displays the document (in a separate window).

Close the window when you are finished with the document.

Notice of Race, Entry Form and Sailing Instructions are usually supplied to me. I always check the filesize of these documents to see that they are appropriatly sized for download in a reasonable time on a standard telephone line.

If the filesize is excessive, it is usually due to the graphics in the documents. I degrade these graphics - or remove excessive graphics - to reduce the filesize.

So, the graphics may not print too good at times. However, the objective of these online forms is to inform, rather than print pretty.

'PDF' Documents
All PDF documents are identified by (PDF) in the link.

Where you see '(PDF)' in a link, you must have Adobe Reader installed in your computer to view it.

Click Reading PDF files (in "Website Info" section) for instructions on installing "Adobe Reader".

I currently have few PDF documents on the site. There are a few reasons for this, but I guess its mainly because I'm playing it safe, since most people will have Word on their computer. Also, if you have not got Adobe Reader you may not want the hassel of downloading it at the time you want to view a document.

However, I guess that at this stage (2008) many viewers have Adobe Reader available on their computer.