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Handicap Categories
Classes 1, 2 & 3 IRC & HPH
White Sails HPH & IRC Non Spinny
Keelboat One Designs SCR & HPH
Cruisers 1, 2 & 3 - Breakpoints
Class 1 0.971 and above
Class 2 0.910 to 0.970
Class 3 0.909 and below
Class 2 - IRC Restricted Division
Class 2 boats qualify for IRC Restricted division if they have a Series Age date of 1990 or earlier and an IRC Hull Factor of 8.5 or less.

Class 2 boats which meet this criteria are automatically entered in the IRC Restricted division.
White Sail Cruiser Class
All White Sail Cruisers will be allocated a handicap based on their Boat Type and WL Length.

White Sail Cruiser entries with an IRC Cert may receive an additional result for IRC Non Spinnaker, depending on the number of boats with an IRC Cert.
Club Racing Schedule for 2007

Cruiser Classes
Wednesday Series
Classes 1, 2, 3 & White Sail Cruiser
  Start End
Series 1 25th April 30th May
Series 2 6th June 18th July
Series 3 25th July 29th August
Mini Series 22nd August 5th September
Class 3 - Bridge Trophy : HPH and Fitzgerald Cup : IRC
Wednesdays : 13th June, 18th July, 15th August

One Design Keelboat Classes
Tuesday Series
Puppeteer, Squib, Etchells, SB3
  Start End
Series 1 24th April 29th May
Series 2 5th June 17th July
Series 3 24th July 28th August
Mini Series 21st August 4th September

17 Footer - Tuesday + Saturday Series
  Start End
Series 1 24th April 2nd June
Series 2 5th June 21st July
Series 3 24th July 1st September
Mini Series 21st August 4th September
Stuttard Cup : SCR and President's Salver : HPH
Saturdays : 23rd June, 7th July, 11th August

Puppeteer & Squib - Saturday Series
  Start End
Series 1 28th April 23rd June
Series 2 30th June 1st September
On Saturdays when there is Windward/Leeward racing
for Puppeteers there are no pier starts for that class
Noel Casey Trophy : SCR
Saturdays : 26th May, 21st July, 18th Aug

Keelboat WL Saturday Series
Etchells, Puppeteer, SB3
28th April, 26th May, 30th June, 28th July, 1st September

Dinghy Classes
Monday + Thursday Series
All Classes
  Start End
Series 1 11th June 2nd July
Series 2 5th July 30th July
Series 3 2nd August 30th August
Laser & Optimist- Fraser Casey Cup
RS Feva- Mellon Salver
Mondays : 25 June, 23rd July, 27th August
Howth Performance Handicap (HPH)
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Keelboat Special Races

3rd June
Puppeteer Crew Race
Squib Ladies Race
17 Footer Single Handed

1st July
Class 3 Crew Race
Puppeteer Ladies Race
Squib Single Handed
17 Footer Ladies Race

19th August
Class 3 Ladies Race
Puppeteer Single Handed
Squib Crew Race
17 Footer Crew Race

To be arranged by Class
Class 3 Islands Race
17 Footer Ballot Race
Puppeteer Ballot Race,
Pursuit Race
Mini Offshore
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