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Club Racing Schedule for 2004

Cruiser Classes
Wednesday Series
Class 1, 2 & 3
  Start End
Series 1 28th April 2nd June
Series 2 9th June 14th July
Series 3 21st July 25th August
Mini Series 25th August 8th September

One Design Keelboat Classes
Tuesday Series
Etchell, Puppeteer & Squib
  Start End
Series 1 27th April 1st June
Series 2 8th June 13th July
Series 3 20th July 24th August
Mini Series 24th August 7th September
Above Mini Series includes the 17 Footers

Tuesday + Saturday Series
17 Footer
  Start End
Series 1 27th April 1st June
Series 2 5th June 13th July
Series 3 24th July 28th August

Saturday Series
Puppeteer & Squib
  Start End
Series 1 1st May 26th June
Series 2 3rd July 28th August

Dinghy Classes
Monday + Thursday Series
Optimist, Mirror, Laser & 420
  Start End
Series 1 14th June 5th July
Series 2 8th July 29th July
Series 3 5th August 26th August
No races scheduled August Bank-holiday Monday.
'Starred' races are not counted for Series Results.
Races are 'starred' when that class has a National Championship in progress.
Class 2
IRC Restricted Division
Class 2 boats qualify for IRC Restricted division if they have a Series Age date of 1990 or earlier and an IRC Hull Factor of 8.5 or less.

Class 2 boats which meet this criteria are automatically entered in the IRC Restricted division.

Keelboat Special Races

23 May 2004
Squib Ladies
Puppeteer Crew
17 Footer Crew (Boyd)

20 June 2004
Class 3 Islands Race
Puppeteer Ladies Race
17 Footer Hot Shots

25 July 2004
Squib Single Handed
Puppeteer Mini Offshore
17 Footer Past Owners

8 August 2004
Class 1 Ladies
Squib Crew
Puppeteer Single Handed
17 Footer Ballot

29 August 2004
Puppeteer Ballot
17 Footer Hogg Trophy
Protest Form (PDF)