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Sutton Cross Pharmacy Puppeteer National Championships 2013
Photos at Sea by Conor Lindsay

We left the harbour in very light southerly breeze, predicted to build. The key question was to what? and when? And then, what'll we do when it does? Darwin is most famously misquoted for the survival of 'the fittest' when he actually said it would be the survival 'of those most adaptive to change'.

The first race was like yesterdays three, beautiful. Then the breeze picked up, the sea rose and the rain fell. Some fell back (i'll not talk of this - it's still to soon), some powered forward, notably Gold Dust who had a great day with 2-1-1 bringing them to 3rd overall. But it was those who adapted and held consistent results, Blue Velvet (ending 2nd) and Harlequin (1st) who came out on top. Justifiably so.

For all of us, the racing was tight, challenging, even chaotic. I'm sure everyone had an 'incident' of some description. But through all of this, there are two things that that bound the fleet together. We all had fun and we all got soaked.

Thanks again to Harry Gallagher and all on the committee boat. The sponsors, Sutton Cross Pharmacy, and whoever arranged the weather for the first four races.

Robin Hegarty