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Carmel & Ken Kavanagh
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Latest Report - 17th July 2013

Carmel & Ken Kavanagh
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Latest Report - 30th May 2014
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  Cruising Group Dinner & Annual Awards
  Friday 31st January 2014
The Howth Yacht Club Cruisers Annual Awards and Dinner was held in the club on Friday 31st January. The event was attended by more than 90 cruiser enthusiasts. The evening started with a rig tuning and warm up session in the bar, followed by dinner in the restaurant. One of the dinner courses was a brain teaser quiz presented by Gary McGuire.

Gary the Brain Teaser
The level of knowledge displayed this year was so competitive that there was a three way tie breaker. Gary; true to form, anticipated this and had a quick fire; first past the post question ready. Quickest off the mark with the correct answer and declared winner of the Ken Moles Trophy was Dara Lowry representing Arcturus. The trophy was presented by Pat Murphy.

Dara Lowrey is presented with the Ken Moles Trophy by Pat Murphy.
This was followed by the Cruiser Awards. This year 4 logs were submitted, Harry Whelehan - Sea Dancer, circumnavigated Ireland, Pat Murphy - Aldebaran, cruised the South Coast and went to Wales, Trish and Joe Phelan - Lydia, cruised to Scotland, Sean McCormack - Marie Claire, cruised to The Hebrides. The logs were judged by Carmel and Ken Kavanagh, who were last year's winners. Unfortunately Carmel could not attend the awards due to a family bereavement.

Ken; half the Judging Team
The Menton Trophy was awarded to Harry Whelehan - Sea Dancer

Harry Whelehan - Sea Dancer is presented with the Menton Trophy
by Commodore Brian Turvey
The new Howth to Howth plate was awarded to Sean McCormack - Marie Claire. Sean was abroad, and could not attend.

The Donal Skehan trophy is awarded to a person who in the opinion of the award committee should be recognised for their contribution to cruiser sailing, who might not in other circumstances be duly recognised. This year the Donal Skehan trophy was awarded to John Morris in recognition for his contribution to cruiser sailing.

John Morris is presented with the Donal Skehan trophy by Commodore Brian Turvey
On behalf of the Howth Yacht Club Cruiser Group I would like to extend a big thank you to all the catering, bar and administrative staff who helped to make this year's Howth Yacht Club Cruising Group Annual Awards and Dinner a very memorable occasion.

Garry Davis
HYC Cruiser Group Captain