St. Patrick's Day outing for the Howth Cruising Group
Thursday 17th March
Report by Pat Murphy
Photos by Pat Murphy & Barbara Sargent

Howth Cruising Group at National Yacht Club
From left ... Leda, Dovetail, Arctaurus, Aldebaran, Two Much and Pip
20 Cruising Group sailors in 6 boats made the hazardous sea passage across the great Dublin Bay, negotiating port traffic, 15cm seas and winds of 4 knots gusting to 8 knots.

Departing Howth shortly after 11 o'clock the first boat, "ALDEBARAN" with the Murphy's aboard, tied up at the National Yacht Club pontoon at 12.25 followed minutes later by Peter & Declan McCabe and crew in "ARCTAURUS", Cyril Geran and crew in "DOVETAIL" and Seamus O'Carroll and crew in "LEDA".

Neville Maguire aboard his newly acquired 23ft motor boat 'TWO MUCH'
The fifth boat in was Neville and Jean Maguire in their recently acquired 23 ft. motor boat "TWO MUCH". Other than circumnavigating Ireland's Eye this was their first OPEN SEA passage. Was it "too much" for them we all asked, to which the "young man of the sea" replied "we should have gone motor boating years ago".
Socialising on board "TWO MUCH".

Jean Maguire

Neville Maguire

Pat and Olivia Murphy and Jean Maguire

Barbara and Gerry Sargent
Last to arrive, due to a later departure, was Gerry and Barbara Sargent in "PIP"

The following three and a half hours was spent eating and drinking between the hospitable National Yacht Club and the six boats.

First prize for entertaining the greatest number of people, 16 of the 20, not all at the same time of course, went to the Maguires in "TWO MUCH".

All six boats were back in their berths by 1715 hours after a very enjoyable outing.

Shane and Lilyanne Murphy