This archive lists trophy winners in HYC's core racing activity, ie the various
Class Series and Open Events from 1992 to 2002.

The data is derived from the annual Results Book which started in 1992.
It does not include Class Association events etc at HYC as these are not included in the Annual Results Book.

When time permits I'll take a look at the data available prior to 1992 and perhaps expand the archive.
Display Structure
Events are divided into Club and Open types, for each year, to reduce the range of events displayed at a time.

Open Events consist of the familiar range of event names.

However, the parallel structure for our Club Racing is Class based. So, the Club Racing Events are a list of the classes and they can be viewed as say Class 1 Racing, Class 2 Racing etc.

The trophies for a full season's Club Racing activity for each class are all displayed under that class.
This simplifies the selection process and standardises the approach for both Club Racing and Open Events.
  Club Events
Class 1
Class 2
Class 3
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Open Events
Autumn League
Fingal Challenge
Brass Monkeys
Dinghy Regatta
Lambay Races
List Trophy Winners by Club / Open Events
This is straight forward - selecting a Year and Club or Open Event causes all associated trophies & winners to be listed.
List Trophy Winners by Search
Select the category you want to search, ie Trophies, Boats or Owners and enter the search word in the text box. If you are not sure of the precise spelling of a word then only enter the part of the word you know to be correct. This may pull a wider selection of records than you require, but should include the records you want.

I could have a search box without having to pick a category. The category selection is to help idendify the column configuration, as this is dependent on the mix of search results.
List Trophy Winners Ranked by Number of Trophies Won
This lists the archive data, for the number of trophies in the selection.
Narrow Column on left side of List & Search View
This narrow column will have a small triangle in it, when a trophy has additional information. Click the triangle to view the info.

Its mainly intended for details such as who the trophy was 'Presented by' and a picture of the trophy. Time permitting and if the data is available, I'll add this stuff later.