Variety Club of Ireland's 'Boat for Hope' charity event at Howth Sunday 27th June
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Cutting the tape to get the day under way

(L->R) Kevin Wall - Chief Barker & President of Variety Club of Ireland,
Michael Woods TD, Fergal Quinn Senator and Peter McKenna - Commodore HYC
Photo: Dermot McConkey
Hot sunshine and warm winds blessed the Variety Club of Ireland's 'Boat for Hope' event in Howth on Sunday 27th June.

One hundred Special Needs Children as well as their carers and families were treated to an unforgettable day as guests of the generous members and volunteer staff of HYC that were present to assist.

Procession of boats with children on board
rounding the 'pirate ship' Toucando in Balscaddan Bay
The reaction of the children, many of whom suffer from the most incomprehensible disadvantages, was a moving experience for those lucky enough to be part of the day. Experiences that were emotionally described included that of Kieran Jameson who was trapped in an embrace from a child who couldn't thank him enough and the moment aboard Vincent Wallaces' Poimandres, when a very seriously ill child who had been helped behind the wheel, reached for Nick Healy's hand to help him steer the boat.

The highlight for many would have been when the boats reached Barry O'Loughlin and David Hopkins 'pirate ship' Toucando in Balscaddan Bay and the water-fight began in earnest!

Parents and Children enjoying the afternoon on the green
The parents and families of the children were astonished at the hospitality shown to them and some told of their misjudged preconceptions of the sailing fraternity and how their afternoon in HYC would remain an unforgettable experience for them.

Ladies from the Variety Club of Ireland
It's not possible to thank those who helped us with this event on this page - but The Variety Club of Ireland, Pat Murphy and I hope to be able to do this over the next few weeks to all of the 250+ members, external services and visitors from other clubs that participated and gave generously.

Pat Murphy & Brian Turvey
organised the on-the-water activity

Kevin Wall Chief Barker &
President of Variety Club of Ireland

Would anyone who has been left with a surplus lifejacket or is missing one following this event please contact us and we will endeavour to rectify the situation.

Also, we'd love to see any photos that you might have - you should email them to us as soon as you can.
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