Updated in July 2007

All HYC Class News, Event News and General News is posted in this section.

The only exception to this is where a MAJOR OPEN EVENT, such as the Autumn League etc, has its own home page and section elsewhere in the site.

The reason for having a central news section where ALL news is posted is that there isn't enough routine news generated for any one aspect of our club activities to warrant separate sections on the site.

Viewing News
Period Selection
This enables you to list news items for All (past), Past Week, Past 2 Weeks or the Past Month. The Period viewed is related to the posted date.

Using 'Search'
If you enter a word in the Search Box, all news items in which their header contains this word are listed for the selected period.

You can return to the news list after search by pressing 'Go' again (with the search box blank) or by pressing the 'Change Period' button.

Sending News for Posting
To have news posted on the site, use the "EMail your News" button on the side menu
or contact me by either email or phone: ........
EMail: email webmaster ,    Phone: 8324038
John Deane
The top Menu before July 2007
I used to have the more complex menu below. I mention this in case anyone suggests that I introduce something like this now.

Originally I had a facility where I could categorise news by sailing class or event, etc.
From the above menu, one could then list the news items associated with the listed classes or events.

However, the news from the sailing classes or major events was insufficient to warrant this approach.

The reality is that we have a mixed bag of news items across a range of subjects which does not readily lend itself to categorisation.