HYC Class 3 News
Author: Pat Connolly & Joe Nolan Posted on: 25/4/05 Print Version

As our news update missed the recent issue of Tidal Chat we post it here and will circulate Class 3 boat owners.

This year as well as the normal Wednesday Club Racing we have replaced the usual Kish and Island Races with a Crew Race on Sunday 29th May and a ladies Race on Sunday 14th August. More on this later in the season.

We have two new boats in class 3 and we welcome Vincent Gaffney and Tony O'Sullivan. Vincent decided he couldn't fit in a Squib anymore and I know he will be treated with all the respect a former sailing secretary deserves. Tony on the other hand is returning to the class having previously sailed in threes, fours and twos. We also welcome the return of Gunsmoke. 'Da' had the crew performing go-fast things to it for the last twelve months, or so he says!

As the new HYC club handicap system, known as HPH, will replace ECHO in cruiser classes club racing, it is no longer necessary to have an ECHO Handicap except for HYC open events and Dublin Bay open events. Accordingly, we would welcome members who may have been hesitant about racing previous to now, as all you need is a club entry form and knowledge of the racing rules.

We know some boats have difficulty finding crew or may have too many. If that is the case please contact your assistant class captain Joe Nolan. We would like to see a pool of sailors who would be available, some boats may not be able to sail on a particular evening and their crew might be available to sail on another boat. The crew pool should be utilized to the full and we would try to ensure every person has a berth.

Incidents occur on and off the water, and we would like to hear of them. The serious incidents are for the Sailing Committee and the Protest Room, the humorous ones are for our class dinner, where they may merit an award.

Finally, may we wish all Class Three a successful and fun-filled Season.

Pat Connolly - Class Captain - 01 8323351
Joe Nolan - Assistant Class Captain - 087 2563442