The St. Agnes Orchestra says 'Thank You Very Much' to HYC
Author: W M Nixon Posted on: 11/3/14 Print Version


The story of Howth sailing gets under way - the cruisers start at the first regatta of Howth SC in 1895, one of the historic photos in the fund-raising show "The Story of Howth Sailing"
The team of Winkie Nixon, Brian Murphy and Patricia Nixon Jones, who were involved in the fund-raising show "The Story of Howth Sailing" in the Clubhouse on February 26th, would like to thank the members and their guests very much indeed for their interest and generosity.

The evening's programme was in support of the Instrument Fund of the St Agnes Youth Orchestra. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the audience in HYC, this has enabled us to reach the target of Euro Symbol1,600, which will pay for a suite of instruments - four violins, two violas, and two cellos.

Once all the takings had been counted, we found we'd reached Euro Symbol1,450. When this was mentioned to an interested HYC member, it resulted in an anonymous donation of Euro Symbol150. This made the evening completely worthwhile, and our extra special thanks to the secret benefactor.

Another significant contributor to the success of the show was Gerry Sargent. When the section of old colour film about the 1953 Regatta was being screened, from the floor Gerry was able to give a lively and very informed running commentary which brought this piece of historic movie vividly to life. Gerry's input was done so smoothly that some Southside visitors assumed this was a highly-rehearsed section of the show, but we can assure you that it was entirely spontaneous.

So thank you very much Gerry, and thank you again to all the members of Howth YC and their friends who supported us on the night.

Howth sailing as it is today - the concluding photo of "The Story of Howth Sailing" is this evocative photo of the J/24 Worlds at Howth in August 2013. Photo: David Branigan
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