Calling All Juniors in HYC! Try J80 Sailing!
Author: Laura Dillon Posted on: 9/7/13 Print Version

Please email Laura at if interested
Calling all juniors in HYC! We would like to invite you to all come sailing in the ISA J80s on Monday 15th July from 6.15-9.00pm. This is a great opportunity for junior sailors to try keelboat sailing and get an opportunity to helm, do mainsheet, trim and do bow on a big boat! We are keen to ensure that all junior members who are keen to sail in the J80s get a chance to do so. There are 8 J80s available for sailing and we hope to get as many juniors as possible out sailing from 6.15-9.00pm on Monday 15th July. We will arrange 2 adults to take responsibility for each boat and the juniors will have the opportunity to sail the J80s in a supervised environment.

If you are a junior member (or your kids are juniors) and are keen to join us and sail in the J80s on Monday 15th July, please email Laura Dillon - and Laura will do her best to ensure everyone gets to go sailing in the J80s. Each J80 will have 5 or 6 crew on board (2 adults plus 3 or 4 juniors). We are very keen that as many juniors as possible can get a chance to sail in the J80s while they are in HYC and hope that you can join us next Monday.

In addition to junior sailors, we are also looking for 2 responsible adults per boat (1 skipper plus 1 crew) to ensure that we have a successful and safe J80 sailing evening! Please also contact Laura if you would like to volunteer to help. All help would be much appreciated!

Please email or call on 086 1643697 if interested in sailing. As mentioned Laura will be very happy to answer all queries and we really hope that you can join us next Monday! Please also let Laura know if you have a preference to sail with specific friends and Laura will do her best to match crews together.

J80s can be sailed with 4 or 5 crew on board (skipper, mainsheet, jib/spinnaker trimmer and bow).

The ISA Sailfleet J80s are available to be used while they are in HYC. Please contact the HYC marina office for more details.

If you want to book a boat(s) for a sail, please contact the HYC marina office (01-8392777).

Before crews can take out a boat - each skipper is required to give a cheque or credit card imprint for 1,000 as a damage deposit.

Boats need to be de-rigged to their original state and tied up correctly, no litter should be left behind and any damage must be reported to the Marina Office at check-out.