East Coast Optimist Polar Series
Racing at NYC cancelled on final day of series
Author: Kevin Darmody Posted on: 6/12/04 Print Version

2004 East Coast Optimist Polar Series - Sunday 5 December 2004
Final Day, hosted in Dun Laoghaire Harbour by NYC
Race Report after last day

As the PRO, Jack Roy from the National Yacht Club, said at prize-giving, 'You can never rely on the weather'.

The final day of the 2004 Polar Series was held in the National Yacht Club on Sunday 5 December. The wind was light to non-existent. Along with the Optimists, there were entries from Laser 4.7, Toppers & Mirrors.

The HYC presence was strong once again with the following travelling from Howth to Dun Laoghaire: Tim O'Laoire, Daina Kissane, Andrew Ryan, Ryan Scott, Ross & Meghan Darmody, Scott Flanigan

Race 1 started in light airs. The left side of the beat seemed to pay at first, but the wind filled in on the right in the latter stages. Allyson Rumball (RSGYC/HYC) rounded first with a good gap on Tim O'Laoire(HYC) followed by Ross Darmody(HYC) and Jamie Aplin(RSGYC). The progress to the gybe mark was very slow with all sailors kiting to the limit but the wind all but disappeared on leg 3. With mid-fleet sailors bunching up, there were cries of 'abandon race' but the PRO could sense the wind returning. Unfortunately someone began 'tiller-wagging' and this spread throughout the fleet right up to the lead. One sailor then began using his paddle and others followed.

The PRO was forced to abandon the race and racing for the day as it had developed into a farce.

Jack Roy made it clear before prize-giving that this behaviour on-the-water was unacceptable because the race could have been finished. Certain sailors had cheated causing the time and effort of so many to be wasted.

Unique handmade prizes consisting of a limited edition of prints of Optimists were organised by Cathy McAleevy of NYC.

The results of the series therefore only included the 6 races from Day 1 at HYC and Day 2 at MYC.

Timothy O'Laoire HYC/BSC
Gold Fleet
1stTim O'Laoire(HYC)
2ndDiana Kissane(HYC)
3rdKatie White(HYC)
1st Andrew Tyrrell(HYC)
2ndScott Flanigan(HYC)
3rdConor Murphy(MYC)
1stBrendan Costello(MYC)
2ndAli Dix(HYC)
3rdMeghan Darmody(HYC)

Diana Kissane HYC/SDC

No prizes were awarded in other classes because they had not completed any races.