ICRA Annual National Conference and Boat of the Year 2013 nominations
Author: John Deane Posted on: 24/10/13 Print Version

The ICRA Annual Conference will take place on November 23rd between 10 am and 4pm at the Royal Irish Yacht Club.

Matt Sheahan presents:
Foiling with the America's Cup

ICRA is pleased to announce that the Keynote presentation for the conference will be given by Matt Sheahan who has just returned from the "Cup"

This presentation is titled "Foiling with the America’s Cup", looking at America’s cup boats now and future possibilities. It will offer insights on topics such as When will you fit foils to your boat? (They are closer than you think!)

Matts is Yachting World's Racing & Technical Editor. He has a wide experience of top level racing which puts him in a good position to run the racing coverage for the magazine. Over the last few years he has been knee deep into covering all aspects of the America's Cup.

The agenda will also cover topics such us More Sailors - More Sailing and the 2014 Training Proposal, before introducing the Keynote Presentation.
We look forward to seeing all our friends at the conference and we encourage all of those that may have an interest to assist.

This is your conference, so come along!
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