2005 ISAF Team Racing World Championship - Sept 24th to Oct 1st
Author: Gillian Burke Posted on: 7/10/05 Print Version


Gillian Burke

New York Yacht Club hosted a fantastic event. Racing was close to shore, so specatators could watch closely. We raced in Vanguard 15's, fast and powerful dinghy's.

There were 16 teams competing from countries around the world. It was three on three racing, with a helm and one crew per boat. Evan Gannon originally from Howth was sailing for the 'Ireland One' team, while I was a member of the 'Ireland Two' team, crewing for Conal Casey from the Royal St. George Yacht Club.
Conditions varied throughout the week, with up to 30 knots on the first day and less than 10 on the last day. Racing was very exciting with each race lasting no longer than 12minutes.

After 200 races, a knock out league on Friday took place. We qualified along with New Zealand 1 to join the six seeded teams to the quatre finals. On the final day of racing we competed against USA2 (best of 5) in the quatre finals. We lost to them, and raced in a league for places 5th to 8th. Our summer of training payed off. After racing the remainder teams (Ireland 1, Italy and New Zealand 1), we finished 5th overall and were thrilled! Ireland One finished 6th and the previous world champions USA 1 held their title again.

An amazing experience.
1.USA 1
2.USA 2
3.GBR 1
4.GBR 2
5.IRL 2
6.IRL 1
8.NZL 1