All set for the HYC Club Championships on 19th July
Author: John Deane Posted on: 15/7/09 Print Version

The entries in the forthcoming HYC Club Championship are listed below.

Class 0Fred Connolly
Class 1Ross McDonald
Class 1Laura Dillon
Class 2Neil Spain
Class 3Fergus O’Kelly
EtchelsDan O’Grady
SB3Ben Duncan
PuppeteersDavid Clarke
PuppeteersGarrett May
SquibsJohn Craig
Howth 17’sPeter Courtney
Cruising GroupBarry Vaughan
LaserDavid Quinn
LaserRoss Darmody
Laser RadialAlistair Kissane
420Scott Flanagan

The Winner's Trophy

This list was arrived at as follows .....

16 slots were available overall and 13 slots were filled by opening up the nominations to ALL classes to enter one nominated helm. How they decided was up to the class themselves.

3 open slots were left as a result of this process. Class Captains were asked to provide a second nomination which would be placed in a hat and drawn for the final 3 places.
7 additional class nominations were received and the remaining 3 open slots were filled based on the draw.

They will be in action using the eight ISA J80s on Sunday 19th July.

On Saturday evening they will be divided into two Flights (8 in each) by drawing names out of a hat.

On Sunday Flight 1 will do 3 races and this will be followed by Flight 2 which will also do 3 races.

The top 4 from each flight will then compete together for 3 races and from this a winner will emerge.

The winner will collect a very special trophy, kindly donated by the Howth 17 class. It is the top of the Howth Seventeen Zaida's mast following her de-masting in a club race in 1959 while Derek Luke owned her. It was made into a trophy for a team racing event that was held annually for 4 years until 1963 - Clontarf Mermaid's against Howth 17s (morning's racing Mermaids in Clontarf followed by a liquid lunch in Findlaters and racing the 17s in Howth in the afternoon). So, it carries quite a bit of history.

Most of the entrants have earned a racing reputation in their classes over the years so it will be interesting to see how they do when competing in the same type of boat.

Good luck to all.