Naming Ceremony for new IB1 D Class Lifeboat at Howth
Author: John Deane Posted on: 25/6/06 Print Version

Howth’s new IB 1 D Class Lifeboat RNLB George Godfrey Benbow was named at a ceremony on 24th June by Mrs Elizabeth George, daughter of the donor, Mrs Beatrice Townlow.

The ceremony included a short service of dedication and blessing conducted by representatives of the local churches.
Above ...
Mrs Elizabeth George
(daughter of the lifeboat donor, Mrs Beatrice Townlow)

Opposite ...
George Godfrey Benbow
in Action

After the naming the new lifeboat was launched and showed her paces under helmsman Ian Massey with crew Fred Connolly and Orla Howard

L -> R
Fred Connolly
Orla Howard
Ian Massey

Platform Party (L->R)
Rupert Jeffares (Lifeboat Operations Manager - Howth), Maeve Derham (Chairman, Howth Fundraising Team), Mrs Elizabeth George (daughter of the lifeboat donor, Mrs Beatrice Townlow), Terence Johnson (Deputy Chairman RNLI), Russell Rafter (Chairman, Howth Lifeboat Management Group), Mr Garvin Evans, Rev Kevin Brew, Rev Sonia Hicks and Monsignor Brendan Houlihan - (representing local churches)

Naming the Boat (L->R)
Mrs Elizabeth George & Gareth Morrison (Deputy Divisional Inspector RNLI)

The Howth Lifeboat Team with Rupert Jeffares, Operations Manager