Light Blues win boat race at Howth
Author: W M Nixon Posted on: 14/6/09 Print Version

Tuesday evening, June 2nd:
The new Sheila powers ahead of Deilginis and Eileen
under her special Judge-powered propulsion unit.
Photo: W M Nixon
The new Howth Seventeen Sheila won her first race on Tuesday June 2nd. It was a flat calm, but with Captain Derek Bothwell as cox and Captain Paddy Judge as stroke (and entire rowing squad), the Light Blues convincingly outperformed the Dark Greens (Deilginis) and the Reds (Eileen) in rowing out of the harbour.

"I intend to go on and row around Ireland" said an enthusiastic Judge. But the cox said: "He'll row wherever I point him".

A spokesman for the Howth Seventeen Association commented: "We've always been good at rows in the class, and this confirms it". He added: "Having won our first proper rowing race, the crew of Sheila are now entitled to a seafood dinner in The Oar House. At their own expense, of course. The Howth Seventeens have prospered for 111 years by not squandering their money, regardless of how deserving and needy the would-be recipients might be".