Visit to the New Harbour at Port Oriel, Clogher Head
Author: Seamus O'Carroll Posted on: 20/4/07 Print Version

Port Oriel, Clogherhead

View Northeast - Mountains of Mourne in the distance (Click Pic for larger version)

View South (Click Pic for larger version)

Commodore Gerry O'Neill, Seamus O'Carrol & John Deane (webmaster) visited the new harbour at Clogherhead to check it out as a stop-off point when cruising North or South down that stretch of coast.

While it will be primarily a fishery harbour, yachts will also be welcome. It is due to be opened in mid May (before the election).

Photo opposite
(L-R) Seamus O'Carroll,
Larry Burke (Port Oriel Harbour Master)
and Gerry O'Neill

It will provide secure shelter from all wind directions, although there may be a scend in one corner with strong Northwesterlys.

Approach from the North East, two leading marks indicate the channel, turn to port when past the pier head leaving SHM to starboard.

There is a least depth of 4m in the approach channel and along side the pier.

There are no local facilities, the nearest shops and pubs are in Clogherhead Village 1.2 mile away.
Diesel will be available by tanker.
Port Oriel Pier Head light F(2) R 5 sec, Leading marks 180o (T) F Oc 6 sec syncronised.
SHM F G 3 sec

Port Oriel Harbour Master : Larry Burke 087 2628777

The old inner harbour, which dries out
at low tide, will still be available.

John Deane climbing into position
to take the pics below

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Click for larger photo
The floating platform in the foreground is the type which will be used to mount windmills in the bay later.