2012 ECHO and IRC Certificates
Author: Brian Turvey Posted on: 11/1/12 Print Version

Owners that intend racing in our very busy Cruiser-Racing open event schedule this year should be mindful to apply now for your ECHO and IRC Certificates.

The open event schedule includes the Spring Warmers Series in April as well as the BMW Cruiser Nationals in May, Lambay Races, the Superleague Series of regattas and of course our own Autumn League.

Please note that for those competing IRC in the BMW Cruiser Nationals an Endorsed IRC Certificate is required.
Also, see below note from RORC:
Changes to boats, rig, sails

We would like to remind owners and their representatives that any changes to boats must be declared and may need an amended certificate. That includes changes such as replacement rigs, rudders etc, even if the replacement is ‘like for like�.

It might not make any difference to your rating but it is far better for you to be able to tell your competitors that "the Rating Office knows about it" than worry about being protested!

In some cases we may ask for declarations about weights, or drawings of before/after rudder designs. We can then tell you whether the rating may be affected, and just as importantly, whether any measurement is required if you have an Endorsed certificate.

In a similar vein, if you are thinking of making changes to your boat, rig or sails, we highly recommend that you run a trial certificate. Do not make assumptions about the effect on rating based on what your sailmaker / agent / designer told you - it might not be correct.

Spending a little on a trial certificate could save a lot of heartache later! However, do note that due to maths changes in IRC, a trial run one year may not have exactly the same rating effect one or two years later.