Weight-Conscious Puppeteers!
Author: Graham Smith Posted on: 13/3/07 Print Version

The Puppeteer Class has decided to be very weight-conscious for the coming season and it has nothing to do with the body mass indexes of any overly large crew members!

It appears that there is some disparity between the weights of the various boats in the fleet so, in the true spirit of one-design racing, the Class has agreed that all boats must abide by the class rules and conform to the accepted weight for a Puppeteer.

Where required, corrector weights must be fitted and this rule will be rigidly enforced from the very first race of the season, according to newly elected Class Captain Billy Morgan (who shares Nefertari with John Murray).

Since the end of last season, there has been some movement in boat ownership, and although fleet numbers will remain much as they were, there will be several new faces behind the tillers this year. The class has extended a welcome to Michael Guinan/Robert Browne (Mayfly), Dave Butler (Enigma), Dave Quinn (Intersceptre) and Conor Mullen/Robert O'Dea (Haemoglobin).

The Pupps are actively seeking a sponsor for their 3-day National Championships in late July and are also looking for a 'volunteer' to replace Tim Chiilingworth, who has stepped down after many years' service as the organiser of the highly successful 'Liffey Weekend'.