Great Sailing for Lambay Races on Saturday 20th June
Author: Graham Smith Posted on: 21/6/09 Print Version

Fresh conditions throughout added to enjoyment.

The 2009 Lambay Race - sponsored by Carragoon Construction - probably ranks among the best in recent memory from the perspective that competitors - 145 boats in 13 classes in total - enjoyed strong wind conditions for the duration of the race. Although the forecast was for the wind to drop a bit as the day went on, fresh north-westerlies and westerlies between 16 and 20 knots were experienced all day.

Class 0 - Rosie - R Dickson HYC

Class 0 - Tiger - Hughes & Harris HYC

As a result, racing was completed even quicker than was imagined and those back in the harbour before 2pm were no doubt happy to get the opportunity to watch the first Lions vs. Springboks Test Match (even if the result wasn't what was ordered!). Smaller than anticipated entries in some classes forced Race Committee Chairman Brian Turvey (2nd in the 17s race, it should be noted!) to join some classes for the starts, with the likes of Class 0 and 1, for instance, going off together.

Class 1 - Joker 2 - J Maybury RIYC

Class 1 - Equinox - R McDonald HYC

One preliminary result in Class 3 caused some consternation on the Flagship as the first boat home finished 25 minutes ahead of the fleet! It transpired later that the boat in question had mis-read the course and went straight from Lambay to the finish via Garbh, omitting to do the loop round Talbot and North! Their subsequent retirement eased the concerns of the class leaders who had worked so hard for their podium finish!

Class 2 - Toughnut - D Skehan HYC

Class 2 - Dochas - J Molahan HYC

Outstanding performance of the day went to Emmet Dalton and Chris Howard, whose win in the Squibs in 'Klipbok' was so impressive that they were also awarded the Lambay Lady Trophy for the biggest winning margin of any class. Several trophies left Howth for the year as visitors from Dun Laoghaire plundered prizes in Class 1, Class 3 and the 31.7s.

Class 3 - Supernova - Lawless & Others RIYC

Class 3 - Alliance - V Gaffney HYC

There were no surprises in Class 0, with 'Rosie' heading 'Tiger' on both handicap systems and the favourites also came through in the Howth 17s (Peter Courtney's 'Oona'), SB3s (Ben Duncan's 'Sharkbait') and Etchells (Dan O'Grady's 'Crop Duster' who held off the challenge of the new Etchells European Champion Jay Bourke).

White Sails - Changeling - K Jameson HYC

White Sails - Sandpiper - A Knowles HYC

John Maybury ('Joker 2') of the Royal Irish YC won Class 1 ahead of HYC's 'Equinox' (Ross McDonald) who won the ECHO division, while Dermot Skehan's 'Toughnut' revelled in the conditions to beat ICRA National Champions 'Kinetic' into second in Class 2. Jim Molohan's 'Dochas' took the ECHO prize.

First 31.7 - Extremity - P D'Alton RStGYC

Etchells - Crop Duster - O'Grady & Reilly HYC

It was success on the double for 'Supernova' (Lawless & others from the Royal Irish) in Class 3, beating 'Alliance' (Vincent Gaffney) on IRC and another Dun Laoghaire visitor 'Saki' on ECHO. And another double winner was Kieran Jameson's 'Changeling' in the White Sail division.

17 Footer - Sheila - D Bothwell HYC

Paul D'Alton of the Royal St.George YC won the 31.7s from HYC's Barry Grey (who took the ECHO award) while the Puppeteers saw the usual battle at the head of the fleet going to 'Mojo' (Callen/Stanley) ahead of Dave Clarke's 'Harlequin'. 'Ile Molene' (Byrne/Stanley) took the ECHO prize.

Ruffians in action

The visiting classes - E-Boats and Ruffians - were won by Patrick O'Neill of Clontarf and Berber/Caldwell of the National respectively.

Apologies for the lack of photos of the Inshore Fleet.
With the weather conditions I arrived a bit late for their finish.