Seamus O'Carroll awarded Honorary Membership of Howth YC
Author: Derek Bothwell Posted on: 15/1/07 Print Version

One of the first duties of the newly elected General Committee is to review our membership list of Complimentary and Honorary members of our Club.

This year the Committee is delighted to announce that Seamus O'Carroll has been awarded Honorary Membership.

Seamus, who joined the Club in 1970, has been involved in almost every major project that the Club has undertaken. This is particularly true when we look at our present facilities.

He served on many committees and gave unstintingly of his time and served as Rear and Vice Commodore. He is still actively involved in many aspects, not least of which is his input on the Development Committee.

Seamus O'Carroll
It is not often that the Club has the opportunity to honour a member who is so dedicated and we look forward to his continued advice and support.

Congratulations, Seamus, on behalf of all the members.