IOM Scottish District National Championships, 11 & 12 May
Author: Gilbert Louis Posted on: 14/5/13 Print Version

Gilbert Louis (HYC) IRL41 represented Ireland at the Scottish IOM Nationals 11th & 12th May in Lochwinnoch. Together with Brian O’Neill IRL99 from our recently established Northern Ireland IOM fleet made the trip over.

Rain, cloud, patchy winds were the conditions we sailed in. Our Scottish fellow sailors and organisers welcomed us and it was a great day sailing. 25 skippers raced in 2 fleets.

It was clear that I had the pace from the start but it was as equally clear that I was lacking fleet racing. Sailing amongst 15 boats is quite different then sailing amongst ourselves. Brian also learned a lot improving throughout the day progressing more often in the A fleet towards as the day went by.

Not quite sure where we finished as we had to leave straight after the last race to get the ferry home but you can find a full report on the class website at with pictures and videos coming shortly. Whilst most of us race big boat like myself sailing on Impetuous racing IOM is as challenging and addictive as big boat racing, why not give it a go ? contact us to have a try!