HYC's Rupert Jeffares Reaching Retirement!
Author: Graham Smith Posted on: 26/5/09 Print Version

As many members will have seen on the website - and in selected sailing media - the Club is seeking applications for the position of General Manager.

It will come as a major surprise to many to discover that the present incumbent - Rupert Jeffares - is now heading towards his 65th Birthday and so is retiring from the post on age grounds after 22� years in charge of a club that is constantly changing and growing.

When the Club moved to its present site, Rupert was appointed Club Secretary/Manager but it became clear as the years went on that that particular title was wholly inadequate in terms of the responsibilities and diverse work practices which it entailed.

The position of General Manager came into force in 1995 and since then, Rupert has been the lynch-pin around which all the club's numerous and continuous developments have taken place. The job specification has evolved over time and Rupert has effectively re-written the specification on several occasions!

Rupert Jeffares

As he reaches his 65th Birthday at the end of October, HYC has to find his replacement and is actively seeking someone who can combine management expertise, sailing experience and a knowledge and understanding of marine-based operations.