Howth Seventeens will be Eighteen
Author: W M Nixon Posted on: 4/10/07 Print Version

Photos by W M Nixon

Just a month ago, it was feared that the historic Howth Seventeens would be reduced to sixteen boats for the first time since 1988, following the accident at the end of August which sank the hundred-year-old Rosemary.

But now Rosemary - whose venerable timber is in remarkably good condition - is being repaired by Paddy Cronin, and the new Seventeen hull which was built in County Wicklow has been brought home to Howth by Peter Courtney and Ian Malcolm for completion.

Ian Malcolm & Peter Courtney arriving at HYC with the new Seventeen

The new hull has been funded from within the class using money raised from the sale of Erica and Isobel, the two boats built in 1987-88.

The Trust has resources to complete the boat, but intends to adhere to a reasonable budget in doing so.

Thus when the boat arrived under tow from Wicklow, the road team tried her for size under the club flagpole - she would look very well with a topmast.

But we're assured that a proper Seventeen mast will be made this winter as the class always tries to have spare masts in stock.

The Seventeens' stock of new masts is being replenished this winter, but just for a moment it looked as if the club flagpole would do nicely - it would be the first time a Seventeen carried a topmast in the class's 109 years.

The hull shell is complete, but the deck and coamings etc will need to be added by a skilled boatbuilder to the standards achieved with Erica and Isobel.

The boat is now in a special boat tent in Howth for completion in good working conditions, and expressions of interest in doing the deck and completion job ASAP are invited - contact Ian Malcolm on 087-829 2897 at any time.

The classic shape of a Seventeen hull has been successfully re-created in the new boat