Presentation to Rupert Jeffares to mark his Retirement at end of October
Author: John Deane Posted on: 18/10/09 Print Version

Aideen & Rupert Jeffares and Peter McKenna
Commodore Peter McKenna presented a bottle of champagne to Rupert
and a bouquet to Rupert's wife Aideen to mark the occasion of
Rupert's retirement as General Manager at the end of October.
Before the Autumn League prize giving commenced Commodore Peter McKenna took the opportunity to acknowledge, in the presence of the large gathering of club members, the achievements and contributions to Howth Yacht Club of the club's General Manager, Rupert Jeffares.

Peter McKenna commented as follows ...

It will come as a major surprise to many of you to learn that Rupert is now heading towards his 65th Birthday and so is retiring from the post purely on age grounds after 22� years - and about 10 Commodores! - in charge of a club that is constantly changing and growing.

When we moved here from our old premises on the West Pier in 1987, Rupert was appointed Club Secretary/Manager but it became clear as the years went on that that particular title was wholly inadequate in terms of the responsibilities and diverse work practices which it entailed.

So he became General Manager back in 1995 and in the 14 years since then, Rupert has been the lynch-pin around which all the club's numerous and continuous developments have taken place.

There is a more formal retirement function and presentations at the end of the month but we felt it would be appropriate to publicly say a huge 'Thank You' to Rupert - and his long-suffering wife Aideen, of course - for everything he has done, with this token of our appreciation.