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Member Logon
EMail address in Club Office Records
EMail Store  

If you have forgotten your password or if your password does not work,
please email webmaster

No Password ?
If you have not logged on before, the procedure to get your password is as follows ...
Step 1
Check with the Club Office ( EMail : ) to ensure that you have your email address on the members records.

Step 2
EMail the webmaster ( ) requesting a password and also confirm that your email address is on the Club Office records.

Do not supply an email address which is different to that in the club records.

Step 3
After a day or so, your password will be emailed to the address in the Club Office records.

EMail Address
Only the email address listed in the Club Office records will work.

Store your EMail Address
Tick the Store box to store your EMail Address on your computer.

Logon Attempts
You get 3 attempts to logon.
Don't bother after that as any further attempt to logon is not checked.

EMail Webmaster
If you have a logon problem, email webmaster and let me know the EMail address and Password you used.
Password Logon
If you tick the Store box above and logon successfully, then the next time you visit the site (or refresh the home page), the Password Logon is displayed.

Its located at the bottom of the Menu on the site Home Page.

If at any stage the Password Logon is not displayed, then logging on above and storing the EMail address will restore it.
  Password Logon is functionally no different to the above logon.

Its just that if you have stored your email address on the machine it enables you to logon by entering only the password.

A Note to Non Members
The members section is mainly to do with providing additional communication facilities between members. It also includes a messageboard and some sailing profiling data.

However, the bulk of the information content is in the general website.