You can directly post a link to a website here. The facility is aimed at Sailing Clubs, Sailing Organisations, Associations and generally just about any site which is connected with sailing.

Please note that all website links must have a connection with the sport of sailing and this includes links in the Miscellaneous section.

There is an option to include a (200 word max) description of the club or organisation with its link.

Posting a Link
Click Add Website and fill in the details requested.
Submission of the form posts your data to the links database.

Link Approval
Your submission will be viewed within a few days of posting and - if approved - it will be shown on the links list.

Viewing a Link's URL
If you hold your mouse pointer over a link you will see the URL of that link in the status bar (bottom of screen) in Explorer or Netscape.

Editing or Deleting a Link
If you want a link edited or deleted please email webmaster.