Pictures in Gallery : Laser Frostbite Spring 2008
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  Cruisers Dinghies
Pic Ref Sail No Boat Owner Helm Crew
BN0032 142772 Killian Sargent
BN0031 142772 Killian Sargent
BN0006 151404 Robin Hegarty
BN0015 151404 Robin Hegarty
BN0008 160913 Max Van de Poll
BN0004 160913
BN0003 160913 Max Van de Poll
BN0036 1678 Gary Sargent
BN0035 1678 Gary Sargent
BN0034 1678 Gary Sargent
BN0014 16807 Ian McSweeney
BN0029 16807 Ian McSweeney
BN0033 171893 Ross O'Leary
BN0017 173143 Daragh Sheridan
BN0016 173152 Troy Hopkins
BN0030 173152 Troy Hopkins
BN0022 174429 Ronan Cull
BN0005 174429 Ronan Cull
BN0021 174429 Ronan Cull
BN0013 174435 Dermot Mowatt
BN0026 174466 Brian Jackson
BN0012 174466 Brian Jackson
BN0011 174466 Brian Jackson
BN0027 174466 Brian Jackson
BN0018 178822 Paul McMahon
BN0007 178822 Paul McMahon
BN0028 180920 Paul Derham
BN0010 188620 David Quinn
BN0023 188620 David Quinn
BN0009 7 Michael Evans
BN0020 7 Michael Evans
BN0019 7 Michael Evans
BN0024 90 Stephen Quinn
BN0025 90 Stephen Quinn