Some features apply only to the New Gallery (from Sept 2005)

Viewing Photos
There are now two ways in which photos can be viewed ...

Gallery (Thumbnails Display)
When you click Gallery or make a Search (and pics are found in the search) the pics in that gallery are displayed as thumbnails on one or more pages.

Picture Lists
When List Pics is clicked, the photos in that gallery are listed by pic ref. This includes boat / owner details etc - when the photo is indexed. The full boat details and keywords are not shown with the photo in this mode. These are only displayed when in the Thumbnails mode.

Clicking a Pic Ref in this list displays that photo, but without the full boat and owner details (these are only available when accessing the photo via the Thumbnails display).

Thumbnails Display
Setting the Pics per Page
Only the pics for the current page are downloaded, even when it's a multi-page display. Otherwise you could be waiting for ages while pages of thumbnails are downloaded.

You can change the number of thumbnails displayed on a page, by choosing the number in the box at the top of the thumbnails page(s). Each new setting is stored in a cookie. I've set it to expire when you complete the current view session, so it returns to the default setting on start-up.

Picture Reference
A photo reference number is displayed under each thumbnail. This will always have 2 letters, indicating the gallery, followed by a 4 number sequence, ie AL0001, AL0002, etc which is incremented for each photo in that gallery.

Mouse-Over Tooltip Display
When you hold the mouse cursor over a thumbnail for about a second, a small box appears just below the cursor with the details of that photo. This box only appears if that photo is indexed in the database.

The Large Picture
On clicking a thumbnail, a larger picture version is displayed.

Tracking Last Thumbnail Viewed
When you return to thumbnails after viewing a larger pic you will see a small dark border around the thumbnail you last clicked. This helps you to keep track on where you were last in the thumbnails page.

Photo Indexing
Apart from the pic reference number, which is always present, indexing a photo consists of assigning the following info to a photo :

Sail Number
Boat Name and Owner Name. (cruisers)
Helm Name - and Crew Name if applicable and available. (dinghies)
Boat Type - and Class if applicable.
If Boat Type and Class are identical, as for instance in the Lasers - then only the Boat Type - a Laser - is shown.
Club can be shown, but this will not always be done.
Pic Date - the date that the photo was taken.

When a photo is indexed, holding the mouse over the thumbnails photo shows a summary of the boat info and the full details are shown under the large photo.

In addition, when a photo is indexed, these items (with the exception of Pic Date) are assembled into a collection of Keywords.

Keywords and Search
The keywords are displayed under each large photo so that you can see how photos are labelled from a search perspective.

This collection of keywords under each photo is checked when you carry out a search of the galleries.

See Using Search in the side menu for an explanation of how search works.