Cruiser Saturday Non Spinnaker Series 2013
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Entries Received to-date
Status Sail No Boat Name Owner Name IRC ECHO
A 1 Hyc J80 hyc x
A 38 Arctic Fox Fred McCollum & Ors
A 71 southern breeze graham wilson
A 100 Demelza Windsor & Steffi x x
A 191 Jebus Emmet Dalton x x
A 581 Hellyhunter Lionel Mc Murtry
A 657 Voyager Joe Carton x x
A 988 Dux Anthony Gore-Grimes x x
A 1103 Viking K Darmody/ M Patterson x x
A 1202 Thar Saile Caoimhin O Laoi x
A 1430 mary Ellen Kevin O'Byrne
A 1679 Wayfinder Jim Reynolds x
A 2070 Out & About Mc Coy Cregan x x
A 2588 rosie roy dickson
A 2760 SunChaser Michael Marr x x
A 3022 xebec Terry Giles x x
A 3335 Bite the Bullet Colm Bermingham x x
A 3400 Brazen Hussy J Barry /M Stirling
A 3550 Lolly Folly Colman and Lesley Phelan x
A 4615 Joslim John Connolly
A 5115 Force Five R&J Mc Allister x x
A 5522 The Big Picture michael / richard evans
A 6002 Stage Fright Wormald/Walsh x
A 7495 Maximus Paddy Kyne x x
A 9849 Blue Eyes Colm Buckley x x
A 14117 Toughnut Dermot Skehan x x
A 29048 Deep Thought Jochen Wenski x