The ISA Sailfleet J80s are coming to Howth Yacht Club for YOU!

From this April until the end of March 2014 and in conjunction with the Irish Sailing Association, Howth Yacht Club have chartered the eight ISA Sailfleet J80 keelboats for use by all our members.

The boats are available for charter for club racing all season long on Tuesday and Wednesday nights to provide both one-design sailors and cruiser-racer sailors with an extra opportunity and an exciting option of racing these tightly-matched racing keelboats.

This unique facility is available to all competent members at a charter rate of Euro Symbol20 per night for each boat and we would encourage anyone interested to make bookings through the marina office @ (01)8390777.

The racing will be run as 36 single races (18 Tuesdays and 18 Wednesdays) affording as many members as possible to participate. In an effort to ensure that the significant expected interest does not compromise numbers racing midweek in other classes, the Sailing Committee would encourage anyone regularly sailing on Tuesdays to book their J80 for a Wednesday race while Wednesday cruiser-sailors should book them for Tuesdays.
The ISA Sailfleet J80s will also be available for open events such as the Lambay Races, Dun Laoghaire Week (where a Howth vs Southside event is being organised!) and other events such as the Family Challenge, Junior Keelboat Evening, Keelboat Team Racing Championships, HYC Club Championships, Key Capital Private Spring Warmers, Autumn League, All-Ireland Club Championships and ISA Senior Helmsmans Championships.

This is a great opportunity for members of the club to enjoy a superb and great-value resource that your club has put in place for this year.

If you would like to help with the towing of the boats from Lough Derg over the next 2 weeks, you should contact Vice Commodore Brian Turvey this week.